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Upcoming events

    • 03-Jun-2016
    • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
    • Pittsford Community Library

    Technical Forum

    An informal, facilitated round-table discussion of any technical issues that consultants encounter in running their business, including computers, the Internet, and telephones.

    Steve Royal will be facilitating this forum.

    Buy your coffee or breakfast at the Bruegger's Bagels, adjacent to our meeting room.

    Open to the public and FREE.

    Location at 24 State Street, Pittsford, NY 14534.

    Get directions to the Pittsford Community Library.

    • 17-Jun-2016
    • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
    • Pittsford Community Library

    Business Forum

    An informal, facilitated round-table discussion of any issues regarding the starting or running of a consulting business.

    Bob Lurz will be the facilitator for this forum.

    Buy your coffee or breakfast at the Bruegger's Bagels, adjacent to our meeting room.

    There is no cost for this meeting and it is open to the public.

    Location at 24 State Street, Pittsford, NY 14534.

    Get directions to the Pittsford Community Library.

Past events

20-May-2016 Business Forum
06-May-2016 Technical Forum
15-Apr-2016 Business Forum
01-Apr-2016 Technical Forum
25-Mar-2016 Something Different -- Round Tables & Breakout Sessions
18-Mar-2016 Business Forum
04-Mar-2016 Technical Forum
19-Feb-2016 Business Forum
05-Feb-2016 Technical Forum
15-Jan-2016 Business Forum
01-Jan-2016 NO Technical Forum
18-Dec-2015 Business Forum
04-Dec-2015 Technical Forum
20-Nov-2015 Business Forum
06-Nov-2015 Technical Forum
16-Oct-2015 Business Forum
02-Oct-2015 Technical Forum
18-Sep-2015 Business Forum
04-Sep-2015 Technical Forum
21-Aug-2015 Business Forum
07-Aug-2015 Technical Forum
17-Jul-2015 Business Forum -- Location Change
03-Jul-2015 Technical Forum
19-Jun-2015 Business Forum (Location Change)
05-Jun-2015 Technical Forum
15-May-2015 Business Forum (Location Change)
01-May-2015 Technical Forum (Location Change)
17-Apr-2015 Business Forum
03-Apr-2015 Technical Forum
20-Mar-2015 Business Forum
06-Mar-2015 Technical Forum
20-Feb-2015 Business Forum
06-Feb-2015 Technical Forum
16-Jan-2015 Business Forum
02-Jan-2015 Technical Forum
19-Dec-2014 Business Forum
05-Dec-2014 Technical Forum
21-Nov-2014 Business Forum
07-Nov-2014 Technical Forum
17-Oct-2014 Business Forum
03-Oct-2014 Technical Forum
19-Sep-2014 Business Forum
05-Sep-2014 Technical Forum
15-Aug-2014 Business Forum
01-Aug-2014 Technical Forum
18-Jul-2014 Business Forum -- Location Change
04-Jul-2014 No RPCN Meeting on Friday, July 4
20-Jun-2014 Business Forum
06-Jun-2014 Technical Forum
16-May-2014 Business Forum
02-May-2014 Technical Forum -- Location Change --Brighton Town Hall
18-Apr-2014 Business Forum
04-Apr-2014 Technical Forum
21-Mar-2014 Business Forum
07-Mar-2014 Technical Forum
21-Feb-2014 Business Forum
07-Feb-2014 Technical Forum
17-Jan-2014 Business Forum
03-Jan-2014 Technical Forum -- Location Change
20-Dec-2013 Business Forum
06-Dec-2013 Technical Forum
15-Nov-2013 Business Forum
01-Nov-2013 Technical Forum
18-Oct-2013 Business Forum
04-Oct-2013 Technical Forum
20-Sep-2013 Business Forum
06-Sep-2013 Technical Forum
16-Aug-2013 Business Forum (with special guest)
02-Aug-2013 Technical Forum
19-Jul-2013 Business Forum
05-Jul-2013 Technical Forum -- CANCELLED
21-Jun-2013 Business Forum
07-Jun-2013 Technical Forum - Location Change
17-May-2013 Business Forum
03-May-2013 Technical Forum - Location Change
19-Apr-2013 Business Forum
05-Apr-2013 Technical Forum
15-Mar-2013 Business Forum
01-Mar-2013 Technical Forum
15-Feb-2013 Business Forum
01-Feb-2013 Technical Forum
18-Jan-2013 Business Forum -- Location Change
04-Jan-2013 Technical Forum
21-Dec-2012 Business Forum
07-Dec-2012 Technical Forum
16-Nov-2012 Business Forum
02-Nov-2012 Technical Forum
19-Oct-2012 Business Forum--Location Change
05-Oct-2012 Technical Forum -- Location Change -- NO WI-FI AVAILABLE
21-Sep-2012 Business Forum
07-Sep-2012 Technical Forum--Location Change
17-Aug-2012 Business Forum
03-Aug-2012 Technical Forum
20-Jul-2012 Business Forum
06-Jul-2012 Technical Forum
15-Jun-2012 Business Forum
01-Jun-2012 Technical Forum
31-May-2012 Get Ready for "Ready, Set, Go!"
18-May-2012 Business Forum
17-May-2012 Get Ready for "Ready, Set, Go!"
04-May-2012 Technical Forum
20-Apr-2012 Business Forum
06-Apr-2012 Technical Forum
16-Mar-2012 Business Forum
02-Mar-2012 Technical Forum
17-Feb-2012 Business Forum
03-Feb-2012 Technical Forum
03-Feb-2012 Technical Forum
20-Jan-2012 Business Forum
06-Jan-2012 Technical Forum
16-Dec-2011 Business Forum
02-Dec-2011 Technical Forum
18-Nov-2011 Business Forum
04-Nov-2011 Technical Forum
21-Oct-2011 Business Forum - Location Change
07-Oct-2011 Technical Forum - Location Change - No Wi-Fi
30-Sep-2011 Social Media Forum
16-Sep-2011 Business Forum
02-Sep-2011 Technical Forum
19-Aug-2011 Business Forum
05-Aug-2011 Technical Forum
29-Jul-2011 How a Consultant Made Himself Successful
15-Jul-2011 Business Forum
01-Jul-2011 Technical Forum
30-Jun-2011 Social Media Forum
17-Jun-2011 Business Forum
03-Jun-2011 Technical Forum
20-May-2011 Business Forum
19-May-2011 Social Media Forum
06-May-2011 Technical Forum
15-Apr-2011 Business Forum
14-Apr-2011 Social Media Forum
01-Apr-2011 Technical Forum
24-Mar-2011 Social Media Forum: Note Special Date: 4th Thursday
18-Mar-2011 Business Forum
04-Mar-2011 Technical Forum
18-Feb-2011 Business Forum
17-Feb-2011 Social Media Forum -- Location Change
04-Feb-2011 Technical Forum
21-Jan-2011 Business Forum
20-Jan-2011 Social Media Forum
07-Jan-2011 Technical Forum
17-Dec-2010 Business Forum
16-Dec-2010 Social Media Forum
03-Dec-2010 Technical Forum
19-Nov-2010 Business Forum
05-Nov-2010 Technical Forum
28-Oct-2010 Social Media Forum
01-Oct-2010 Technical Forum
17-Sep-2010 Business Forum
03-Sep-2010 Technical Forum
20-Aug-2010 Business Forum
19-Aug-2010 Strategy Workshop
06-Aug-2010 Technical Forum
16-Jul-2010 Business Forum
02-Jul-2010 Technical Forum
18-Jun-2010 Business Forum
10-Jun-2010 Social Media Forum
04-Jun-2010 Technical Forum
21-May-2010 Business Forum
07-May-2010 Technical Forum
16-Apr-2010 Business Forum
15-Apr-2010 Social Media Forum
02-Apr-2010 Technical Forum
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