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    • 09-Oct-2015
    • NeighborWorks, 570 South Ave., Rochester
    A Taste of Emotional Intelligence AT WORK

    Location: NeighborWorks

    Presenter: Marty Ness and Barb Glassman

    Emotional Intelligence AT WORK is a uniquely powerful lecture and integration experience that revitalizes and reinforces your innate passion and drive. Discover your answer during this workhop session that explores the often-untapped emotional component of effective professional relationships. Learn tools & techniques to stay grounded and focused in even the most challenging situations. Translate your passion for business into greater effectiveness, productivity and success.

     Three key learnings  the audience will take away from this program:
    1. Recognizing damaging reactions in ourselves and others
    2. Consciously move from a reaction mode into a response mode in ourselves and how to encourage that shift in others
    3. Effective listening that allows people to feel heard (the biggest problem with communication – not feeling heard)

    Here is a short video ion which Marty and Barb describe their presentation.

    Marty Ness and Barb Glassman

    About Marty:

    Marty NessMarty is a strong, self-motivated professional with extensive and broad sales, marketing and customer service experience in a variety of industries including business software, advertising, retail, and product manufacturing. She even spent several years in the U.S. Air Force, repairing jet engines during the First Gulf War. This variety of work experience gives her the ability to relate to people from any industry, any level in an organization, any cultural background or personality type.

    For the past 5 years, Marty has been producing professional and personal growth seminars on Emotional Intelligence that teach people tools that lead to much higher levels of productivity, teamwork, happiness and wealth. Marty’s clients appreciate her tenacity, drive, courage, directness, and generous heart. Her clarity when challenging makes it difficult for even the most skilled to pose a convincing argument. Marty’s innate ability to ferret out issues from emotions and help people focus on mutual success and greatness, quickly establishes a deep sense of partnership with those involved. Marty leaves a positive impact on every person with whom she works.

    About Barb:

    Barb GlassmanAfter having navigated the corporate world, Barb applied her experience and tenacity in establishing several small businesses in Rochester, NY. Her primary focus has been on developing strategic direction and problem solving to attain top line growth.

    Barb began her career as the first female graduate of the Electrical Engineering Technology curriculum at the State University of New York at Alfred. With her technical expertise and process skills in tow, Barb was set on a fast track as her Eastman Kodak career evolved into the development of adult education, sales and marketing. Concurrently, Barb worked behind the scenes at G-FORCE Collaborations, a boutique marketing firm.

    Open to the public.

    No charge for RPCN members. $10.00 for non-members.

    Refreshments will be available. A "Tip Jar" is also provided. Your contribution is appreciated.

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    • 23-Oct-2015
    • NeighborWorks, 570 South Ave., Rochester
    Health Insurance 2016 Open enrollment: What small businesses need to know

    Location: NeighborWorks

    Presenter: Jane Ahrens

    Open enrollment brings rate hikes, plan changes and confusion.

    Should you enroll direct or use the marketplace?

    What are some tips to save money?

    What is an HSA?

    Three key learnings  the audience will take away from this program:

    1- When is Open Enrollment?

    2- Plan choices and carriers.
    3- Ways to save money.

    Jane AhrensJane Ahrens taught Health Education in the Rochester area public schools for 25 years. Now a retired teacher, Jane opened the Ahrens Benefits Company in 2008. Jane is married, has two adult children, two grandchildren, 2 dogs and 3 cats!
    Jane works with individuals, sole proprietors and small groups to provide them with the best healthcare plans and other employee benefits available. Because of her teaching background, Jane likes to educate employees about their benefits so they understand what they have. Jane has been a proponent of high deductible health plans coupled with an HSA account to help save money on healthcare costs.

    Jane’s current clients include groups from Buffalo to Utica, and Watertown to Corning.

    Open to the public.

    No charge for RPCN members. $10.00 for non-members.

    Refreshments will be available. A "Tip Jar" is also provided. Your contribution is appreciated.

    Here's a Map to 570 South Ave., Rochester.
    • 13-Nov-2015
    • NeighborWorks, 570 South Ave., Rochester

    Concepts Of Building A Conscious Business & Organization

    (Conscious Capitalism For Consultants)

    Presenter: Bob Freese

    Conscious Capitalism is a growing global movement around a business philosophy that has four key characteristics: Higher Purpose; Stakeholder Orientation; Conscious Leadership and Conscious Culture.  Companies that practice these principles, with sound business practices, create more financial and other kinds of societal wealth: more fulfilled employees, happy and loyal customers, innovative and profitable suppliers, thriving and environmentally healthy communities and more. Go to to learn more in advance of the workshop.

    Details: The compelling dynamics of the Conscious Capitalism narrative (applicable to any organization, profit, non-profit and government) constitute a powerful and sustainable model. The seminal and enlightening research from Dr. Raj Sisodia (Firms of Endearment and Conscious Capitalism), Daniel Pink (Drive) and the inspiring work of Simon Sinek (Why) constitute the foundation of this engaging and interactive workshop, looking at building a Conscious Business as well as a Conscious Organization.

    Three key learnings  the audience will take away from this  program:

    Know what Conscious Capitalism is
    1. Understand mega-trends effecting work and life across the entire planet
    2. Have an uplifted feeling that the world is in better shape than the mainstream media presents it and that we all can make a difference to build a better spaceship earth!

    Here is a short video in which Bob describes his presentation plus some interesting information about his business.

    Bob FreeseThe bottom line is I am an Organizational Coach focusing on building cultures that successfully and safely engage at all levels. With clients, we successfully co-create a Conscious and Mindful Business, embracing a logical and deployable mix of Conscious Capitalism, Change Management and a simple, 5 step model called Practical Leadership.  This approach enables leaders and teams to work together for success, and quite simply, it just works.

    Open to the public.

    No charge for RPCN members. $10.00 for non-members.

    Refreshments will be available. A "Tip Jar" is also provided. Your contribution is appreciated.

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    • 11-Dec-2015
    • NeighborWorks, 570 South Ave., Rochester
    So Ya Wanna Consult

    Location: NeighborWorks

    Presenter: Janet Nelson

    "So Ya Wanna Consult" is an informative and interactive presentation on what it takes to start (or sustain) a consulting business. It covers the types of consulting, start-up 'gotta haves' and some of the pros and cons of consulting versus other forms of similar types of work. Janet has successfully run her consulting business since 2004, plus has enjoyed being a sounding board to a number of individuals seeking to begin their business.

     Three key learnings  the audience will take away from this program:
    1. Differences between consultants, contracts, and in-betweeners
    2. Key, gotta-haves to starting consulting
    3. List of options for consultancy-partnering

    Janet Nelson is the President of The WorkOut Consortium and its sub-company, OQL Solutions ( which specialize in operational and quality excellence, and in customer loyalty and retention improvements.

    Here is a short video in which Janet describes her presentation.

    Janet Nelson

    She has held senior leadership and significant P&L positions in operations, product development, and strategy at Xerox Corporation. At Eastman Kodak Company, she was director of divisional, world-wide quality and service. She has worked and facilitated at all levels from senior managers to workers in a union shop. Both companies are part of J Nelson Enterprise LLC, a certified, woman-owned business. Janet has an MS in Systems Engineering and is certified by the American Society of Quality as a Six Sigma Black Belt.

    Open to the public.

    No charge for RPCN members. $10.00 for non-members.

    Refreshments will be available. A "Tip Jar" is also provided. Your contribution is appreciated.

    Here's a Map to 570 South Ave., Rochester.

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