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    • 08-Dec-2023
    • 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
    • In person and online
    Seizing Your Opportunities in 2024

    (Attend IN PERSON or on ZOOM - See below)

    Facilitator: Tom Fecteau

    Program Overview:

    You likely have thought about adding a service, expanding your marketplace, scaling your business, or ways to be more efficient and effective. You may have even started implementing one, but it is currently sitting idle for any number of reasons. You may have a somewhat fuzzy or incomplete goal or action plan with an elusive starting point. Whether you are familiar with one or more of these conditions, join us for this hands-on session where you will receive ideas and support so that you leave with renewed confidence in your opportunity, and the knowledge and commitment for doing the next important step(s).

    Your host, Tom Fecteau will use his 30+ years of coaching entrepreneurs and consultants to develop goals, create plans, adapt to challenges, and sometimes even restart with renewed purpose. He learned that the best solutions were discovered when a group of owners got together, shared their frustrations and their successes, and supported one another as their plans evolved. Tom will use that same format to help you succeed at this event.

    Key Learning #1 Defining your opportunities for growth in 2024.

    Key Learning #2 Identify the possible systems, knowledge, connections, and personal changes that are needed to take advantage of those opportunities.

    Key Learning #3 Document one or two actions, with due dates, that you need to complete by the end of January 2024.


    Tom Fecteau

    Having faced a confusing youth where one moment I was praised for my insight, imagination, and creative problem solving contrasted with moments of abject failure executing detailed tasks, resulting in much criticism and eventually my acceptance of the negative predictions from people who mattered. In my adult years, my mediocrity was challenged by some well-timed mentors who helped me understand that it was okay to do things differently than others to achieve the goals and outcomes they reminded me that I deserved. The grace and empathy I was shown became the core of how I treat others and became the foundation for a 30-year coaching career. I committed to learning more about human behavior, communication, and the psychology of change, and applied it in my role to coach, advise, nurture, and sometimes push over 150 small consulting and sales training business start-ups to achieve their dreams.

    My current focus is to have a similar impact on entrepreneurial firms in the greater Upstate NY area, influencing the return of a strong business community resurgence for this wonderful area.

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    SPECIAL NOTE: This will be a hybrid event where you can attend in-person or by Zoom.

    To attend by Zoom, register and click the link above. You will be sent two (2) emails, one from RPCN and one from Zoom. Open the Zoom email to register (and Join) this event.

    Contact us at if you experience any trouble registering for this event.


    This event is is also available In-Person in a pleasant conference room at the Al Sigl Center. Attending in-person is highly encouraged. For details and instructions, CLICK HERE.

    COST: Free for members; $25.00 for non-members.

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