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RPCN Blogging Committee

What We Do:

The Blogging Committee receives the RPCN Members’ blogs when they’re sent to

1. The Editor ensures the blog meets the criteria outlined at

2. The Editor also ensures the blog is grammatically correct and has no misspelled words.

3. The Editor the formats the blog and ensures that it has an applicable, non-copyrighted image of the correct proportions to illustrate the topic of the blog. (NOTE: These steps may require communication between the author and the editor until the blog is ready to be published.)

4. When complete, the blog is ready to be published, the blog is handed off to the Webmaster, who publishes it on the RPCN website under the proper heading within the BLOGS area of the website.

5. It certainly helps if the Editor has professional Writing and Editing experience.

6. It also helps if the individual, or individuals, who assist the Webmaster have past experience with Wild Apricot software (the platform the RPCN website is built upon) and/or web development experience.

How to submit a blog:

If you are an RPCN Member, you are encouraged to submit blogs within your area of expertise, as frequently as you’d like, to

Why submit a blog:

Having blogs published on the RPCN website elevates your visibility as an expert in your field, not only to RPCN Members but also to anyone who views your blogs on the website. Your blogs also are shared by the Editor with the RPCN Newsletter Committee, the RPCN Digital Strategy and Marketing Committees, and on other forms of social media associated with RPCN, such as the RPCN LinkedIn Group. You can also share your blog on your social media and website. It’s a WIN-WIN situation for you, the readers, and for RPCN as an organization.



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