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About RPCN

RPCN enables its members to develop premier consulting businesses by providing access to business, social and community networking; education; and mutual support to improve their businesses.

RPCN  is an organization that promotes professionalism, ethics and excellence in consulting, so that its members can best serve their clients and the community. RPCN provides opportunities for members to:
  • Develop and grow in their professions
  • Network with other consultants and the business community
  • Acquire mutual support

RPCN's vision is to be the premier resource for consultants.

RPCN is an affiliation of individual consultants - a source of expert services to businesses and organizations in our community. RPCN was founded in 1990 when members recognized the need for interaction as a means for exchanging ideas, expertise, and business contacts. Since then, the organization has added the role of developing and improving the consulting profession through continuing education and guidance in the areas of professional conduct, ethics, and business management.

2018 Wall of Fame Gala - April 19, 2018

RPCN enjoys a widely diversified membership, representing virtually the entire scope of business professions. Each member brings to the organization a unique combination of skills, experience, and knowledge. Yet RPCN offers even more - the opportunity to combine talents into expert teams to meet the specific needs of client organizations. RPCN - the right formula for success in a complex workforce.

RPCN is a not-for-profit organization that operates under a set of bylaws and is governed by a Board of Directors. All elected officers and appointed members of the Board serve without compensation.

How does RPCN help new consultants?

For new consultants, RPCN's goal is to help members who are exploring consulting to become practicing consultants. RPCN members, who are starting or considering starting a consulting business, should expect to gain these benefits through their participation in RPCN:

  • A clear perspective of the consulting profession
  • Assessment of their potential for becoming a successful consultant
  • Information about starting a consulting business
  • Advice and support from experienced consultants
  • Opportunity to work with experienced consultants

How can you receive more information? 

It is also highly recommended that you thoroughly check out this entire website. Many of your questions will be answered. To begin, you might try our FAQ's. To do so, CLICK HERE. If you still have questions,  call the RPCN office at (585) 348-7142.

What benefits do members receive?

Regular Members and Explorers receive the following benefits:

  • An online monthly newsletter that contains information pertinent to consultants. It is one of the major ways that the organization communicates with its members.
  • Inclusion on the member-only RPCN Email List . This list is used  to send reminders of RPCN meetings for members only and other items of interest to the entire membership. 
  • Inclusion on the RPCN Discussion Area for members only. This is for the use of the membership to ask questions, give answers, announce items of interest about their businesses, and discuss pertinent topics. Inclusion of a member's email address on the list signals that member's agreement to abide by the list's policy and procedures. 
  •  Presentations of interest to consultants are held at Five Star Bank, City Gate on two Fridays of each month. On the alternate Fridays, open forums are held. Check our Events page for more details.
  • Listing on the RPCN website. The web site is used by members, individuals, and companies interested in hiring consultants. Being listed in the Member Directory is one way our members make others aware of their services.
  • Discounts at other RPCN fee functions.



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