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RPCN Operations Committee (Ops) is a place to help RPCN volunteers “get things done”.

A Key Service of RPCN Ops
RPCN committees and project leaders have the option of taking an issue directly to the Board or first receiving feedback from the Ops team. If requested by the Board, Ops can provide a forum for more extensive discussion of issues. This preserves Board meeting time for more strategic and higher-priority items.

Operations Committee Members (Ops Team)
All committee chairs, project leaders, activity leaders, alliance/outreach leaders, and Board members are voluntary members of the Ops Team. Attendance is optional. Any interested RPCN member is welcome to attend Ops (to observe, communicate, and contribute to the success of RPCN).

Ops Team Atmosphere
An Ops Goal (Value) is to create and maintain a supportive atmosphere in which: 

  • Action Parties are trusted to be self-accountable.
  • All feel comfortable bringing challenges and issues to Ops for constructive discussion and advice.
  • All are encouraged to ask for help when needed.



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